The Untold History of Betting in Malaysia

Malaysia has a fairly weird set of gambling laws. Gambling is prohibited in more than half the world. This is attributable to the Sharia Law, a system of law that applies only to Malaysian Muslim people. But the country has resorts and legal forms of gaming for non-muslims. Despite online casino gambling on the rise, however, it’s not difficult for Muslims to participate if they want to, despite the country’s religious decisions banning it.

1953 Betting Act

The main pillar of Malaysia’s betting legislation is the 1953 Betting act. It is a statute still in use today, but it has been amended many times over the years. There is a line made in this Act between illegal gambling and legitimate gambling. So, gambling is allowed by licensed companies, there are legal horse racing, and the lottery. But law can punish those carrying on illegal gambling operations. The most important part of the law for gamblers is the part which says illegal gaming can only be prosecuted with a maximum sentence of 6 months in prison.

Sharia Law

The 1953 Betting Act is something that really only refers to the ethnic Chinese part of the population, other groups and those who enter Malaysia as visitors. Gambling of any kind is banned for about 60 per cent of the population, even the legal forms listed above. That is because the Sharia Law extends to Malaysia’s entire Muslim population. If the gambling laws are broken, there can be a sentence of up to two years in prison, so under Sharia law it is considered quite a serious offence.

Betting Types

Football is one of Malaysia’s most popular sports and it’s the sport that most attracts gamblers. Online football betting is becoming increasingly popular, with people placing bets on domestic league games and games in the major European leagues. Genting Highlands Resort is the only Physical Casino that is legal in Malaysia. It is a mountain resort that attracts many gamblers from all over the country, as well as visitors from all over the world. Casino casino plays baccarat and other poker and table sports.

The Uncertain Future of Betting in Malaysia

It is not clear what path the judicial system will take in Malaysia next. There is actually an unusual two-tier system in place, meaning that there is one law for Muslims and another for non-Muslims. The two different laws even have independent tribunals. There’s a lot of people arguing that everyone should have one law, but it won’t be easy to make that happen. So, what does gambling mean? There’s a thriving industry in the world and that won’t go away. It is very popular with tourists and half of the population who are legally able to gamble. This needs to be seen whether that spreads into the other half of the population.