The Business-to-Consumer eCommerce Cycle

Are you thinking of setting up your own ecommerce services company in Malaysia soon? Before taking any major step with regards to this plan, make sure to do comprehensive research first. B2C ecommerce is one of the concepts you should learn about. Below are the 5 major activities involved in this type of ecommerce.

1.Information Sharing

When you are in B2C ecommerce situation, you may utilize some, if not all, of the following technologies in order to share details with customers–email, online advertisements, online discussion groups, online catalogs, bulletin board systems and company website.


A particular customer may utilize email or online forms available on the company website in order to purchase a product from a B2C website.


Electronic checks, credit cards and digital payments are among the most popular choices in paying for services and goods.


Fulfillment is the part where the product or service is delivered to the customer from the merchant. In the case of physical items like books and CDs, the filled orders will be sent to the consumer through regular mail, UPS or FedEx. For digital products like software and electronic documents, the business utilizes digital documentations in order to ensure integrity, privacy and security.

5.Support and Service

It is more affordable to maintain your current customers compared to attracting new ones. Because of this, online business owners must do whatever they can to provide quality, timely services to support clients. Below are the examples of those application and technologies used to provide support and service:

-Email confirmation
-Periodic news flash
-Help desks
-Assured secure transactions and assured online auctions