Mobile Apps 101: 7 Common Mobile UX Mistakes

Completely Simple And Avoidable Mistakes

What do you think is the difference between a bad app and a good app? The overall quality of its UX. If you have undergone the mobile app development process and are managing your own business app, you need to focus on this to succeed. However, making significant changes can be an overwhelming, tricky process. Below are some of the most common mistakes you can learn from.

Bombarding Users With Permission Settings

Don’t bombard people with permission notifications. When a user opens an app, the last thing they would want to see are multiple popups.

Failure To Optimize For Mobile

Mobile users want to accomplish their tasks in quickest, most efficient manner. They are don’t have enough patience, and are constantly on the run. Always focus on responsiveness and speed, or else they would disengage with your app.

Copying Your Competitors Experience

Even innovative businesses have resorted to copying. Learn from your competitors, and use them as your inspiration. That’s a good starting point. Though, keep in mind that every product has unique value, functionalities, audience and goals. What works for them may not work for you.

Including Lots Of Features

Focus on maintaining your app’s appearance and functionality. Stop adding a lot of new, unnecessary features. Get rid of all the extra ones which are not provoking interest.

Login Walls

Several users are often annoyed when they encounter login walls. Try removing user registration, or just allow them to skip it.

Onboarding First

The onboarding approach can be powerful and beneficial when accomplished well. It can teach users how to utilize, and make the most out of your app. Though, what if they are already familiar with its core value proposition?

Bombarding Users With Push Notifications

A push notification is a great way to interact with people. However, they will become frustrated and annoyed if you keep on bombarding them with reminders and announcements.