How to Strengthen Men’s Erection?

A lot of men actually suffer from erectile dysfunction or known as delaying ejaculation. This is a condition that is characterized by their seeming inability to maintain an erection for prolonged periods of time.

As to how many men exactly have this condition, that is still uncertain. Part of the reason why this is so is that many men are afraid to talk to their doctors about the condition, mainly because they deem it as an embarrassing disease.

Furthermore, men only go to their doctors after a breakup since they are unwilling to admit that it is their physical makeup that affects their genitals.

Even though erectile dysfunction is quite common, this is not to say that you cannot do anything about it. In fact, ED is actually one of the most highly treatable conditions out there.

So today, I am going to talk about ways you can strengthen and maintain your erection.

1.Do Some Kegels

If you’ve heard of this particular exercise, then you might have instantly assumed that this is only reserved for women, but that is actually not the case. In fact, Kegel exercises can also help men as well.

Kegel exercises can help you strengthen your pelvic muscles. It can help improve bowel and bladder control, which translates to longer sex since you will be able to hold your ejaculation for much longer.

To do this, you want to squeeze the muscles that are responsible for you to hold your piss and do that for two seconds.

2.Strengthening Your Erection

The Hip thrust, the Hindu Press-Up, and the Front-Squat are all exercises that you can do to help strengthen your erection.

For Hindu Press-Ups, you want to stand with a slightly wider stance (more than shoulder-width apart). Bend over and then place both of your hands on the floor. You want to keep your legs and arms as straight as possible while bending from the hips.

Then, what you want to do is to dive your upper body right towards the floor, just before bending backward, and then straightening the arms. You should these all while looking upward. Do these a couple of times per day.

3.Wear a Condom

Do you practice safe sex at all times? If so, then you’ve probably worn a condom before. Continue doing so not because you do not want to conceive but also because the tightness of the condom can help you maintain an erection while also ensuring that you do not finish as quickly as before.

4.The Start-Stop Method

Basically, the premise of this method is to stop when ejaculation is seemingly imminent, rest for a bit, and then continue on with the process. This will help train your mind to stop ejaculating so quickly and so that both you and your partner enjoy the sex.

5.Squeeze It

Squeezing the top of your penis when you experience orgasm is another way to do the start-stop method. In fact, you can have your partner do this to make it even more exciting for both of you.