How Geniuses Train Their Brain

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Have ever wondered how an intelligent individual trains their brain? Like what do they even do and how they even work? There are only two types of people in this world, one is a born genius and the other is a growing genius. No doubt the born genius is smart ever since they were a child, they can be fast learners, and scholars in fact. The growing genius is someone that can be a fast learner or slow learner but they learn through their experiences and from what they have seen in their life. 

Anybody can be a genius, even you. Being a genius is not a difficult thing to do, it’s not even a task in the first place. It is part of your life and the way you think of everything else in your life. Some people don’t look smart but can be secretly a genius and some people do look smart and apart, but yet are not the wisest. Appearance doesn’t matter to genius people, all they want is to prove themselves their potential and capability.

Movies like Gifted and series like Young Sheldon shows the born geniuses, also known as child geniuses. These child geniuses can be very good at anything they do and yet lack in something they could not afford. They can be the smartest chess player or be the best online casino players, be extremely good in mathematics and physics, even a science geek and know all of history, and yet have a lack of social skills or other human skills. Take Sherlock Holmes as an example, he is counted as one of the smartest and intellectual guys and yet he does have his flaws, like when he has to communicate with people. But social skill is not their main goal to achieve, they have more important things to do like completing a mystery or puzzle, maybe solving a mathematical equation.

For growing genius, let’s take our famous Ironman, for example, he always learns from his mistakes and modulates his design for a way better function. He strives to improve and be the best in things he does, even if it requires him to study a whole night about something just so he can sound cooler the next day. The point is growing geniuses learn as they grow. They are very keen observers and they give priority to improving themselves. They also don’t tend to give up easily and are very determined to achieve even the impossible. Since they are not born geniuses, they always want to be the best among the rest thus requiring them to work themselves hard. Sometimes this can also lead to a toxic trait and lead to many problems.

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