Can You Really Spoil a Baby?

I get asked a lot if there is a possibility to spoil your baby at an early age. Well, according to Dr. David Mrazek, a psychologist at the Mayo Clinic, he said that it is impossible to spoil a baby during the first six months as their bodies are still developing and they are still exploring the world around them.

This question is actually quite common since a lot of parents do not want to spoil their children. But, the reality of it all is that, for the most part, they end up spoiling their child regardless of if they are careful or not.

Before I had my first baby, I made a vow to never spoil them. I constantly hear horror stories of babies growing up to be so spoiled that they always disrespect their parents. However, it is actually harder than it seems. Still, it can be done with the right mindset and with the right set of techniques.

Today, I am going to provide you with some tips to ensure that your baby grows up as a respectful human being. You do not want them to go around with dirty baby diapers, right?

Look at and Understand Their Physical Cues

According to Peter Gorski, a pediatrician, crying is actually not just an indication that your baby needs something, but it is an act that may convey a range of different emotions.
If your baby is relatively young, you would instantly assume that they’re hungry or that their diaper needs changing when they start to cry, but that is, in some cases, not true.

It could be that your baby just wants and needs your attention so you may want to give it to them. However, if you did give them attention and they still seem to cry, Gorski said that you could give them some alone time as they may need a timeout from social stimulation.

If the parent thinks that crying is just a means of them telling you that they’re hungry, then this can be exploited and would signal to them that it is okay that you are there 100% of the time.

Watch How You Act Around Them

When your baby is at least 6 months old, they are now able to pick up on subtle (and not-so-subtle) physical cues, which is why it is important that you become mindful in the way you act when your baby is around.They start to learn how to read your facial expressions and they do their best to look at what you are doing. So, if you convey to them a sad face, it could mean that you’re in an anxious state and they may also pick up on that.

Gorski posits that you should, for the most part, act as if everything is alright. Being cool, calm, and collected can help ease your baby.

It is Okay for Them to Cry

Babies can be stubborn at times. You may have exhausted all of your options and they still won’t sleep, for example, then you can have them cry to sleep. For instance, you can go away for a couple of minutes and when your baby starts to cry, allow them to cry for a bit. They will get exhausted and may perhaps cry themselves to sleep. Although this can be a useful tactic, Gorski recommends that you do not do this all the time.